Spain Lets Europe Down, Again!

I was encouraged to see that the two big ‘rightwing’ parties in Spain were responsible enough to work with the real ( no inverted commas!) rightwing party Vox, in order to remove the province of Andalusia from socialist control.


But there is genuine urgency about removing the deeply irresponsible socialist government in Madrid, after the disgusting betrayal of Europe we saw on last night’s news, yet another crimmigrant cargo given a ‘welcome’ in the Spanish port of Algeciras.


This deplorable behaviour is all the more to be deplored in view of the admirable refusal…




…of not just Italy but also Malta to let the maritime trash-taxi service unload in any of their ports.

Madrid’s mad open-house policy can only encourage further illegal alien intrusions.

Decent Spaniards need to stop the nonsense.


It’s not just bad for Spain but for every other nation in Europe, because once the undesirables get onto dry land, where they are NOT detained, they can ooze northwards, across the Pyrenees and then onwards again…


….to blight the lives of any and every community they choose to leech off.