Congratulations, President Bolsonaro!

I knew it would be entertaining, France24’s report on Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration on New Year’s Day.

It began with a scruffy-looking geezer, whose family are refusing to pay for his health insurance because Scruffo was anti-Bolsonaro.

And why not?


Hangers-on like him should be told that if they want to support pinkos and reds they should go ask the pinkos and reds for hand-outs.

Then a more rational-sounding academic ‘specialist,’ named Valladao, who told us that people didn’t vote for Bolsonaro because of what he stood for, because he didn’t stand for anything.

No similar ‘specialist’ was to be seen who held any more positive opinions about the new president.

Typical France24…

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…specially when that odd F24 female Genie Godula inserted her own ‘unbiased’ view that Bolsonaro’s perfectly normal loathing of sexual perversion is ‘offensive.’

Yeah, to her, maybe!



Communists too will find him offensive!

“The Cuban dictatorship,” he said, will no longer be allowed to keep three-quarters of what Brazil pays the doctors. And the doctors must be allowed to bring their families to Brazil with them.



Jair Bolsonaro

Cuba treats these doctors like “slave labor,” said Bolsonaro, adding he also wants the physicians to get Brazilian certification.


The rotten red regime in Havana, which treats all Cubans as slave labour, is beside itself with fury.

Just read the link to savour the Communist despotism’s rage.

But don’t be gulled by the leftist hack Tim Padgett’s other comments.

That there’s bias is clear by his absurd description of the far-left Workers’ Party as ‘liberal,’ a sick joke after the WP allied itself as closely as could be with the evil totalitarians of the Brazilian Communist Party.

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But fact is, a lot of these exploited Cuban doctors may now take their chance to seek sanctuary, with the many exiled patriots in the USA.

If only Trump would take up the cause which Kennedy let down.



Had RFK’s brother not subverted the liberation struggle by denying that vital air support on the Bay of Pigs –Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered  – and subsequently denying needful help to the good side in the civil war that’s been all but erased form history books…

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Arm and equip the exiled Cubans to liberate their imprisoned nation.