Boo-Hoo? What Goes Around, Comes Around – As FARC Reds Find Out!

Big Boo-Hoo scene at the UN, over news from Colombia, where more than 80 red rats have got their come-uppance.

The BBC informs us sensitively that FARC was ‘formed in 1964 with the stated intention of overthrowing the government and installing a Marxist regime..



.and is now a political party, known as the Revolutionary Alternative Common Force with five seats in the Senate and five in the House of Representatives.’

It fails to explain that these seats were not gained by the democratic process – FARC Reds Zapped – But Not The Way They Ought! – but by a dirty deal done by the former president, that swine Santos…

The peace deal guaranteed the FARC 10 seats in Colombia’s bicameral congress — five in each chamber — for two four-year periods…Recent polls show that just one percent of voters support FARC!

…which was rejected when the Colombian electorate showed their contempt for his sell-out to marxist terror by a clear majority….


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Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy

…a rejection which was then ignored, a few minor re-arrangements and then an arrogant REFUSAL to submit the re-jigged appeasement scheme to the people for their approval!


This shameful flouting of democratic principles was cheered on by the worst elements on the international scene, not only the United Nations and the Nobel ‘Peace Prize’ numbskulls… Nobel Peace Prize winner: Colombian president Juan Santos 

‘Yay, they are as eendeeferent to democracy as me! Let’s all enjoy ze luxury of crappeeng on ze voters!’

Pope Francis, headed to Colombia, will promote peace accord 

…but also the Argie Dope.

And all such dumb-clucks will now be lamenting the fact that, as the BBC relates, ’85 former Farc rebels have been killed in Colombia since the group signed a peace accord with the government two years ago…’

Like, who cares?

Nobody in Britain should, nobody who remembers the evil alliance of FARC and the equally loathesome Sinn Fein/IRA scum, which began a long time ago-

  – but never ended…


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…a very natural alliance, of course, comprising blood-beasts bonded in brutality.


I rather think most Brits would be delighted if Adams and his unrepentant terror gang also got some pay-back for their demonic crimes.