Let Every Brit Vote – That’s Democracy!

The risk of a second referendum –

‘Keep voting till you vote the way the political elite require!’


….continues to loom larger and larger.

Two of Theresa May’s most senior allies are preparing for a second EU referendum behind her back…David Lidington — May’s deputy in all but name — held talks with Labour MPs on Thursday in an effort to build a cross-party coalition for a new vote…Gavin Barwell, the No 10 chief of staff, told a cabinet minister last week that holding a second referendum was “the only way forward…”   https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/theresa-mays-team-plots-new-eu-referendum-cl5xrwh52

We must prepare.

I missed a bit of important news last month, but so did most of the bigger media.

referndmlet peole vote

By this, I mean the issue of British people being denied the right to vote. You’d think that such a denial would be front-page news, but not so, hence I must give the far-left Guardian a rare pat on the back.


Committee Debate: 4th sitting: House of Commons 14 November, 2018 (1) (2) |

When the Brexit referendum was held, it was billed as an historic opportunity to let all British people make a choice between independence or continued subjugation to the EUSSR.




But a million or more Brits living overseas got no such chance, thanks to a previous Labour Government deliberately taking their right to vote away, if they had been resident abroad for 15 years or more.

Now a Conservative MP is pushing for reform, but Labour is resisting, although last month the bill was debated and it is going to reach its support stage next month.

  • Report stage: House of CommonsReport stage: House of Commons | 25.01.2019


I know some people say that this reform would be detrimental to the Brexit cause, due to a number of UK expats on the Continent voting on perceived self-interest rather than patriotic principle.

That may be, although

A – many Brits resident in Europe are surely not that self-centred, and

B – there are many more in distant lands around the world who would put their country first no matter where they live.



Yet in fairness to democratic fundamentals, ALL UK citizens should have the right to determine the destiny of their nation.

If you have not contacted your MP,  or your former MP, if you are one of those affected, then you should do so. before the Report Stage, specified above.