Pig Prakash – Belated Congratulations To Australia!

Neil Prakash

Neil Prakash, ISIS pig, behind bars in in a maximum-security prison in Turkey


…has been stripped of his Australian citizenship.

While it would be much better to report that the swine had been hanged, it’s good to know that Un-Australian activities can have such a consequence, namely that he can no longer claim to be Australian.

Unfortunately this does not happen to all such vermin, the excuse being, as far as I know, that the Australian government is bound by some damfool convention…

Image result for un statelessness mandate

…that inhibiits sovereign states rendering even the vilest of jihadists stateless…

… i.e. Oz can only do what has been done to Pig Prakash if the pig in question has another nationality, in PP’s case Fijian, although, perhaps understandably, Fiji is disowning the mangy brute.

This situation should be rectified.


If it is clear that some ‘Australian’ puts sectarian supranational allegiance above that owed to Queen and Country, then, regardless of what other passports may be in any pig’s possession, Australian citizenship should be annulled.

And of course we’re not talking only of Australia.

All civilised nations should repudiate that idiotic covenant, but needless to say, there are some leaders, like the UK’s Weasel-Woman…


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…who will never do that, nor even lock up ISIS vermin allowed back in.