France24 V Brazilian People's Choice!

I tuned into France 24 at some vague part of last night, having made it home from the second day of revelry, and watched their coverage of the inauguration of Brazil’s Bolsonaro and it confirmed all we have said about them.



Deputado Jair Bolsonaro durante entrevista coletiva após almoço com a Frente Parlamentar da Agricultura.Foto: Sérgio Lima/PODER 360

Bolsonaro made a good patriotic speech and held up the Brazilian flag saying it would never be red, except if blood need be shed to keep it green and yellow.

He also said he was going to clean out the PC brainwash…



Brazil’s Reds Rage At Patriot Gal’s Anti-Brainwash Battle! 

…which we have mentioned previously.
France 24 as usual did nothing to offer us a balanced commentary, just their own correspondent, not Bug-Eye Doug but a balding ( but still more hair than Doug) bespectacled fool who said the new President’s speech would be seen as ‘sinister.…’


Related image

…but he never said by whom.

Just to hammer home their left credentials, they had an extreme leftwing ‘sociologist’ – what else! – from an ‘NGO’ called The Other Brazil –  a yapper, named Glauber Sezerino, who looked like a 1960s student…


Image result for glauber sezerino

Glauber Sezerino, who actually looks like what he is!

  • …all beard and sweater, but not an old red, still callow.

He even denied the infamous indoctrination known to be part of the education system –

cultural-marxism-destruction .