‘Mother-F…..?’ What Kind Of ‘Mother?’ Foul-Mouthed Fanatic Disgraces Michigan!

People get the politicians they deserve, and while there must be some civilised people in Dearborn, Michigan, we do know for a fact that it is infested with Un-American intolerant Islamists.

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As we have said before, what’s needed in Michigan, and everywhere, is for honourable, decent Muslims to demand that primitive, intolerant packs of savages, like the sectarian scum in Dearborn, be rounded up and kicked out of America.

Instead, the sectarians and primitives appear to have used their voting power to elect a slobess whose obscene ranting would shame a fishwife or a drunken sailor.

“We’re going to go in there, and we’re going to impeach the motherf—–r,” she said to rapturous applause from a group of supporters just hours after she became the first Palestinian-American woman sworn into Congress.


With her young son in the room, watching and listening as his mother debases not only the standard of political discourse but also herself?

Will he next week go back into his class-room and echo the gutter-mouth’s rant, and if his teachers complain, tell them such toilet-talk is perfectly in order, as ‘Mom’ uses it, and she’s a ‘Congresswoman?’


Image result for rashid tlaibGambar terkait

Rashida Tlaib


What kind of congresswoman is that?

From Two States to One: Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Shifts Position…

What kind of woman is that?

Not one any respectable person would want in their house, not if they are hoping to safeguard their children from the idea that coarse, disgusting vocabulary is  acceptable!

What kind of mother is that?

She’s just a slob-gob!

Not that she’s the only well-known woman who has lost any claim to be called a lady!

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President Trump levels his criticism more sedately than I do.


“I thought her comments were disgraceful…I think she dishonored herself and I think she dishonored her family. Using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there…”


Trump is right.

Has neither Washington DC nor Michigan got child welfare departments conscientious enough to investigate her fitness to bring up offspring without careful monitoring?