Up 2 UK – A Pusillanimous Parliament V A Proud People?

Those 303 MP’s who deliberately demonstrated by their votes last night their determination to obstruct a clean-break deliverance from the Brussels Empire…

Brexit: 20 Tory rebels inflict no-deal defeat on government

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Here’s one of the Tory Europhiliacs, Kenneth Big-Gob Clarke…




…and there are the rest of ’em!


…need to have their names ( and their email addresses, and the times and venues when they can be confronted by constituents outraged by their disloyalty) splashed across every patriot’s website, named and shamed, to be targetted in the next election, or better still before, for deselection.

If their local parties will not oust them as candidates, every effort should be made to bring them down. They, and the Labour and LibDem lice who crawled into the Commons voting lobby with them, are no better than enemies within, collaborators…




…and the Hungarians in 1956 showed what to do with those deemed to have aided and abetted the arrogant alien entity that had put their country down.


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AVO secret police -the USSR’s collaborators in Hungary


No wonder that foul creature Anna Soubry is whining for the police to prevent pro-Brexit protestors identifying her as the traitrix she undoubtedly is.



Fourth Reich fan, Shrill Soubry : ‘I do object to being called a Nazi’


Every one of the millions who cast their votes for freedom in June 2016 should, if they can, join that vociferous band outside the Palace of Westminster, chorusing loud and long that she and her ilk are the vilest in the land.



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