Another Petition, For An Indonesian Christian!

I just received this from ICC…



…so I am passing it straight on for readers’ consideration.

Anybody, anywhere in the world, can sign.

I would have passed it on to you anyway, but when I read that the bloodthirsty FPI vigilante gang were involved…


…I do so all the more enthusiastically.


Tell the Government of Indonesia to Release Martinus Gulo Who Was Imprisoned for Blasphemy

The Republic of Indonesia must immediately and unconditionally release Martinus Gulo, a 21-year-old Christian who was sentenced to four years in prison and issued a fine of 1 billion Rupiah (approximately 68,914 USD) for religious defamation. He will have to serve an additional six months in jail if he cannot afford to pay the fine.

Mr. Gulo was found guilty of blasphemy due to a Facebook post that insulted the prophet Muhammad under Indonesia’s controversial Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) law. His arrest took place in March after the hardline group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) reported his online post to the police.

Time for Action

Mr. Gulo’s sentence is an inhumane violation of universal human rights and only emboldens Indonesia’s radical Muslims to abuse the poorly worded hate speech law to discriminate against the country’s religious minorities. It is time for the Indonesian government to stand up for persecuted religious minorities, and free Mr. Gulo.

The government of Indonesia must not allow this kind of abuse and must guarantee human rights for all citizens.

How You Can Help

ICC is calling on the government of Indonesia to release Mr. Gulo immediately and unconditionally.

Sign the petition today to let the Indonesian government know that their abuse of Christians cannot continue. Will you join us?

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