Brits! Boycott Illinois…Oh, AND Japan!

Feeling none too breezy this morning…


…after serious partying last night, I was nevertheless made to laugh out loud when I read this fascinating story…

From the state that gave us multiple indicted governors…the highest annual metro murder rate (Chicago), and a nearly bankrupt state government, now comes the most not-serious holiday declaration ever to be produced by a legislature.


Illinois has decided to honour the notorious racist liar Obummer by making August 4th ‘Barack Obama Day.’

Brits should not ignore this. Not that many UK tourists would wish to visit the murder-capital of America, but anyone tempted to inspect the Windy City should bear in mind Obama’s arrogant interference in British democracy..

Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

…so should steer clear of any place that honours their enemy.

And, having said that, we have just had another sticky-beak foreign politician braying lies about Brexit


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Ignoring people’s WILL! Fury as Japan PM says ‘WHOLE WORLD’ wishes to avoid no deal Brexit


So let’s skip tourism to Japan until the uppity swine apologises for his sticky-beak insolence – and that huge lie!


There are millions of people all over the world – quite apart from the millions in Britain – who do not see any good reason to avoid a clean break.

There are plenty right here in Jakarta, to whom I have explained the advantages of independence, and believe me…

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…Indonesians understand those advantages, having celebrated the end of European domination every 17th August, for many decades, on Independence Day!

Unlike that insolent Japanese, however, my Indonesian friends would not presume to interfere in British decisions.

So why not email his London Embassy…

 …and say something like –

“Abe, you have some nerve!

Who gave you any mandate, or any right, to claim to speak for the ‘whole world?’

Keep your Goddam nose out of other countries’ internal affairs.”