In Canada, Will Saudi Damsel Face Risk Of More Distress?

Obviously it was great to read that the threat of deportation back to a realm steeped in bigot barbarism had been lifted.


Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Alqunun


However, Miss Rahaf could not stay in Bangkok indefinitely. She was said to have hopes of finding a new home in Australia.

But now it’s Canada.

I think any country would be lucky to have a truly courageous kid like that, with the guts to think for herself, to cast off the benighted shackles imposed on her from her birth, and strike out boldly to seek freedom far away.


She has shamed the despots!

Much can be said about the sexist injustice in Saudi Arabia, but the truth is that their monstrous oppression extends not only to women but also to men.

EVERYONE there is denied the basic freedom to change his or her religion.



Saudi Arabia should be sanctioned till that outrageous law is abolished.

The kingdom’s diplomats met with Thai immigration officials on Tuesday. They seemed to be irritated by the level of exposure Rahaf’s case has received.

“I wish you had taken her phone, it would have been better than [taking] her passport,” a Saudi official said during the meeting..

If this embarrassment shifts that regime even ever-so-slightly away from its blood-thirsty and imbecilic ‘death-to-apostates’ code, all the better!

Who wouldn’t be proud to welcome Rahaf aboard?

But the question arises –  will she be safe in Canada, where Prime Minister Turdo seems delighted to give house-room to all manner of sectarian savages…



Trudeau Liberals Weaving ‘Welcome Home’ Mat For ISIS

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….who might well get their oft-soiled knickers in a twist over her ‘apostasy’ and try to do her harm.


Turdeau is soft on jihadist fanatics.

He has already not only overseen the unleashing of Killer Khadr…


Ten Million Bucks For Killer Khadr? Canadian Petition!


…but rewarded him with ten million dollars from the public purse, while  Turdo’s previous record of sympathy  – and even interaction –  with subversive fanatics is well-known.

Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

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Turdo’s government also seems to be contemplating with equanimity the importation of Jihad Jack (Jack Letts) another ISIS scumbag.

Most if not all of those wannabe ‘returnees’ are exactly the same sort of ignoramuses as the primitives who rule Saudi Arabia, who hold that renouncing a religion is some sort of excuse for slaughtering the person who uses his, or in this case her, God-given brain to think with.

So will the smart and pretty Saudi girl be safe with so many swine prowling what was once the true north strong and free?

We shall see.