Aceh’s Santa Scandal – Zuckwit’s Geekstapo Lies Again!

The desperate determination of Obama’s ideological catamite Zuckerberg to cover up the dark side of censorship may be due to an instinctive solidarity with censorious forces everywhere…



Is Facebook Censoring Use Of Terms ‘Illegal Immigrant’, ‘Illegal Alien’?


…or it may run deeper.

I know what I think, and have thought ever since his little geekstapo lap-curs kicked me off Facebook for publicising the Cikeusik Pogrom here in Indonesia seven years ago.


Islamist pig revels in brutality at Cikeusik

Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again!

Fortunately, I have some faithful Facebook friends who make sure some of what I publish appears there, but even they get zapped now and then, as when, very recently, my completely inoffensive observations on the Santa Scandal in Aceh…

Only In Benighted Aceh? Fun Fake-Santa Video Maker Detained! 

…were ruled a ‘violation of community standards.’

One faithful RRA fan shot right back at the geekstapo, and they promised a review of the ‘judgement..’

Thanks for letting us know about this post. We’ll try to take another look to check if it goes against our Community Standards and send you a message here in your Support Inbox if we have an update. December 28th.

…and then had the nerve to ask if my FF was impressed by this magnanimity – the answer was probably not to their liking, and I’ll paraphrase it – and translate it from Indonesian.



” It’s a bit much. Your censor presumably censored me for some sort of reason, so that reason should be explained at once, so that I may refute it at once. Hiding behind meaningless claptrap about ‘community standards’ is not good enough.’

So that was over two weeks ago, and NO word of restoration, nor even coherent explanation, from Geekstapo HQ!

No surprise – the Facebook liars promised an explanation when they defenestrated my good self, all those years ago, and I’m lucky I didn’t hold my breath waiting for Facebook to behave honourably.

I honestly doubt they have the ability to behave honourably.

Only last month we had a revelation, courtesy of the NYT, of all media  Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech concerning the clandestine clique and their ‘secret rule book’ – a callow clique, it’s said, no doubt imbued with all the shallow milllennial prejudices…



…which makes them so especially prone to being offended.

The ‘secret rules,’ we’re told, are often dependent for their application on Google Translate!

That’s laughable – as anyone who uses GT knows, it is absolutely hopeless much of the time.


Further to the reference above to the censorship of the words ‘illegal immigrant,’ here’s how the cornered rats squealed after other patriots raised a fuss about other suppression of free speech by the geekstapo freaks!

A Facebook spokesperson said Wednesday the use of these words does not inherently violate its Community Standards, but the company acknowledged some enforcement errors were made regarding posts that called Arriaga an illegal immigrant and an apology has been sent to at least one user.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many illegals, and/or jihadists. work for Facebook, a question that resurfaced again, when my ever-combative fan put up another of my posts, about a dishonest Syrian migrant caught lying about an elusive ‘daughter’ he claims he has.


Facebook –  almost instantly – censored that too. Another exchange about their bogus ‘Community Standards’ reminded them they had lied about explaining their previous censorship of the Santa story.

And still they have not kept their word, NO explanation.

Zuckwit’s Liars strike again.