Resistance To Illegals Blooming In Garden State – Sign Up!

Time to pat a New Jersey State Senator on the back!

Although I visited the Garden State once (I stayed with friends there when I was running the New York Marathon) I never met any of its politicians, but there’s one these days whose hand I’d like to shake!


His name’s Chris Connors and he’s launched an online petition in a bid to deter pro-crimmigrant NJ legislators from giving illegals in his state the right to obtain driving licenses.

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The media reports astounded me – I had no idea that these undesirable aliens had so many unjustifiable privileges bestown on them already by leftist law-makers, such as in-state tuition assistance for immigrants who are here illegally…and…over $2 million budgeted to assist illegal aliens with deportation issues, as well as the notion of a sanctuary state.”



Connors finds the plan to give license to illegals bad enough, but one part that really galls him is the lesser proof of identification than the cumbersome 6 point ID system required for actual citizens.

“We’re going to ring the dinner bell for any illegal immigrant coming into New Jersey because we’re going to provide benefits far above any other state in the nation,” says Sen. Connors. 

“When New Jersey enforces its regulations, codes and laws against businesses and homeowners, but yet on the other side of the coin will completely ignore that somebody broke the law to come into the country and give them these benefits, I think it’s an outrage.”


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If you’d like to sign the petition, click here.