‘Cancel Brexit?’ Arrogant, Ignorant Turn-Coat Tusk!

“If a deal is impossible, AND NO ONE WANTS NO DEAL, then who will finally have the courage to say what the only positive solution is?” Donald Tusk, the head of the European Council, said on Twitter on Tuesday night, suggesting that the only available outcome to overcome the impasse in the House of Commons is to stop Brexit.   (my emphasis)

EU’s Tusk suggests the UK should cancel Brexit

How ignorant can this creep get?

Noone wants no deal?’


Hey there, Turncoat!

How many people did you ask before you told that lie?

Most Conservative activists back nodeal Brexit over May’s deal …

We don’t know if that’s reflected across the land, but it refutes Tusk’s mendacious claim.

The majority of the British people, in the largest popular vote ever held, voted to LEAVE, not for any ‘deal’ with ‘President’ Tusk or any of his lousy supranational comrades.

It’s the British people, not those pompous prats at Westminster ( for the patriot minority of whom, by the way, Tusk has previously voiced his contempt Brexit Tusk accuses MPs of showing lack of respect for May …it’s the PEOPLE whose views matter.

Up 2 UK – A Pusillanimous Parliament V A Proud People? 


This Polish louse has spent much of his presidential ‘reign’ collaborating with Merkel and Juncker and Timmermanns…