So Will May Stoop To Major’s Sub-Snake’s-Belly Level?

John Major was infamous as UKPM.

Not so much for calling his own patriot back-bench MPS ‘bastards,’ but more, so much more than that.

What was most sickening about the man, whom I met once upon a time and with whom I chatted civilly – in the presence of my very young offspring I was always impeccably behaved!



UKIP Un-British? Look At Major’s Record! 

What incensed me was his flip-flop gutless Europhiliac obeisance, not simply in defiance of the people’s views, but of many if not most of his MPs’ views, AND of his own clearly expressed views!

I refer (again -it’s a classic case of betrayal, referred to more than once in our blog) to his laudable support for the retention of corporal punishment in UK schools, which he abandoned overnight when the moral dwarfs on the European Court of Human Rights scolded him and ordered him to U-turn.

…ordered by John Major to toe the Government’s agreed line, the Education Secretary told MPs: “My own personal view is that corporal punishment can be a useful deterrent …

His latest outburst, which can be summed up in this single sentence, underscores his infidelity to the people of his country, unsurprising given recent revelations that, when PM, he was so useless that, pondering a referendum on an earlier expansion of the Brussels Empire’s powers…




…, he couldn’t figure out what the words on the ballot paper should be, so he used that as an excuse to skip a much-needed democratic endorsement of his collaboration.

But now?

Old gray Major is telling T May to drop her red lines “in the national interest” and become a facilitator to find out what Parliament wants, he said.


Firstly, he, and we, know what ‘parliament wants.’

Parliament wants to keep Britain shackled to Brussels. The majority of MPs are self-confessed Remainers. They were appalled when it transpired in the 2016 referendum that the majority of the electorate disagreed, voting for deliverance.

Rather than bow to the democratic decision, they have shamelessly sought to undermine the people’s vote.

If Major had a conscience about his previous betrayals, or if he had any interest in democracy, or anything like a tinge of patriotism in his soul…



…he would not be babbling about what parliament wants, which is irrelevant.

MPs are merely servants, and the current lot are slipshod, insubordinate, shameless servants, who need to be taught many a lesson in humility.

It’s What THE PEOPLE want that counts.

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One of the few MPs who takes the job seriously – Britain need three hundred or more like her – and has a grasp of what responsibility means, Suella Braverman…


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…has dismissed his “Remainer elite” views far more politely than Major deserves.

 “Thank you Sir John, but no thanks.”

For my part, I’d rather tell him to just….

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