Freaks Forced To Get Real? Bravo, South Dakota!

Admirable action by South Dakota State Senator Jim Bolin, and a move that should be a model for every legislature in every country, this ‘new bill will require transgender participants to enter sporting events in accordance with the gender listed on their birth certificate, instead of their assumed sexual choice.’


“Texas’ University Interscholastic League requires that students participate on sports teams that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate…I just firmly believe that those who are males should play in sports designated for males and those who are females … should play in sports designated for females, according to your birth certificate. It’s about fair competition,” he added.

Few real sports fans, few people indeed who like to see fair play in general, can be happy when male trans-freaks win titles or prizes in events meant to be for women.

We’ve noticed this before on our blog…

….with revolting creatures who claim to be women depriving rightful winners of their due recognition and, what’s worse, being allowed to get away with it by gutless authorities.


Thanks to RT for letting us hear this story, and here’s another older report from the same source.