Lack Of Investigative Journalism Skills? Or Deliberate Donkey Cover-Up?

The Scotsman used, decades ago, to be a fairly sober, sensible newspaper, but these days, well, not so much.

The ‘journalists’ employed thereon appear to lack the curiosity that ought to be a key characteristic of their trade.

That newspaper is not of enough interest to me to go on about it, but it happened to be the one I came across first, with this odd tale, and I was especially struck by the abject absence of any ‘investigative’ aspect to their reporting…

…on the ‘activists’ who cower behind the label ‘Led By Donkeys’ as they put up anti-Brexit billboards purporting to expose politicians’ inconsistencies on the issue.

Finding quotes from almost any politician that contradict what he or she has previously said, not just about Brexit but about almost anything, is not exactly rocket science. 


What many, if not most, readers must surely want to know is WHO are these ‘activists?’

That word often means people out of work, by choice or mischance, who while away their days stirring up trouble, or slugs on the pay-roll of some ‘Non-Governmental Organisation’ which turns out, on closer inspection…

…to have its ‘NGO’ snout actually government-funded, buried deep in the public purse, whether via local taxes or national taxes or Brussels subsidies that are gouged from tax-payers’ pockets and dispensed to outfits they’d never voluntarily finance.

But these ‘Donkeys’ are a mystery.

Image result for unmask them

They should not be allowed to hide behind a silly name.

Yet all The Scotsman hack who wrote the story can tell us is that they prefer to  keep their real identities secret.

Nor is that hack the only one, nor The Scotsman the only media outlet, that fails to do what people expect journalists to do.

I swished through all the Google News items concerning the shy propagandists.



Somebody must have the journalistic skill to rip away their masks and find out why they choose to skulk in the shadows…


=Related image


…while turning spotlights on other people’s ‘mis-speak’ short-comings.

I rather suspect that the names and locations of the perpetrators are in fact already well-known to at least some of the rotten media…


…but that at least some editors are collaborating in yet another cover-up.