Thigh-Phobia Update – Countering Indonesia’s Kill-Joys With Comedy

You will remember, perhaps, the killjoy campaign against that pretty K-Pop group Black-Pink, which we wrote about last month!


BlackPink OK – Thigh Panic Hits Indonesia! 

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‘The clothes do not even cover the thighs!’

So whined the middle-aged misery who started the censorship petition, and incredibly, the tax-funded bureaucrats whose job it is to safeguard people here from the awful sight of female thighs ( not male, it seems!)  caved in – that utterly inoffensive ad was removed from public view.


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Just in case you appreciate, like I do, attractive young females, here are a few more Black Pink photos.


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So sadly, censorious prudes made Indonesia something of a laughing stock.

But laughter has not yet been banned here, not quite yet, and the proof of that was a retaliatory petition, not the big one I mentioned in that previous post, but a smaller one, which nevertheless got quite a few signatures.

That petition requested support for Maimon Herawati, the initiator of the BLACKPINK ad stop petition –

– to become a member of the girl band!



Usai Stop Iklan Shopee, Muncul Dukungan Maimon Herawati Jadi Personel BLACKPINK


Can you picture her in such a role?


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I have to say, poor old Maimon looks exactly as I expected she’d look! Namely, like somebody who is not having much fun!

I feel sorry for her, in a way, but would feel sympathy only if she had not, by her petition, shown that she doesn’t want the rest of us to have much fun either.

That’s the link to the petition, which has evidently languished since the forces of gloom triumphed.

Perhaps, just for fun (God Forbid!) you readers could add your names to it.

It will have no practical effect but it costs you no money and only moments of your time, and would show a bit of moral support to the forces of humour and cheer here.