Venezuela – Guardian’s U.S. Academic Warns Against Liberation!

By declaring himself Venezuela’s president on Wednesday, Juan Guaidó has brought Venezuela to the edge of catastrophe.

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Venezuela’s Interim President Juan Guaido


That’s the first sentence in a Guardian ‘Opinion’ piece by another of those American ‘professors’ who appear to think anybody gives a tinker’s cuss  about their opinions, and it’s hardly an inspiring start to Gabriel Hetland’s scribblings.


Gabriel Hetland


Even a ‘professor’ should be able to put ’cause’ and ‘effect’in the right order, and even Guardian readers must understand that Guaido’s declaration is not what put Venezuela on the ‘the edge of catastrophe.’

We write about this only last week.

Venezuela’s catastrophic plight, created by demented marxist rule, is what has made Guaido make his declaration.

One has to wonder if, when the ‘prof’ sees a kid fall over and skin its knee, he’ll explain to the kid that the skinned knee was what made it fall!

What happens next is anyone’s guess. But a US invasion feels like a real possibility.

Is it?

Not unless Maduro’s goons attack Americans in the country, surely.

With American forces still engaged in the Middle East and Afghanistan, I doubt that. In the absence of the Border Wall, if President Trump orders troops into action, it would be more likely that he places some of his armed forces down there, to reinforce the good men and women defending the USA against crimmigrant incursions…


….with reports of another mob of undesirables heading up from Honduras.

What needs to be done is not waste more time on dialogue with a brutal red regime but instead learn from the mistakes made in Cuba.

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The freedom fighters at the Bay of Pigs were valiant, and could have liberated their imprisoned island, EXCEPT that JFK bottled out and held back the promised, and vital, air support.  Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered 

If all the nations now recognising Guaido as interim president were to help him organise able-bodied patriots among the million plus refugees, many of whom, even according to a Guardian news report –  – care deeply about the rescue of their homeland.

Let them form a proper military force, and assure them of essential strategic support, coordinated with internal resistance…


…who’s to say Maduro could not be overthrown, captured, put on trial and, along with the collaborationist officer clique, who –  by their refusal to take the side of their people –  are indisputably traitors to Venezuela…

Venezuela’s Soldiers Should Use The Killian BarracksAs Inspiration! 

…hanged or shot, preferably before a cheering crowd in the main plaza of Caracas.