Not ‘Right’ – Very, Very Wrong – Another Story of Strasbourg Slugs!

A number of centre-right MEPs are pushing for a secret ballot on a plenary vote that would make EU lawmakers more transparent and accountable to the public – in a move described as “absurd” by Transparency International.

Reading on, we find that the guilty parties to this cover-up scheme are in fact some German centre-right EPP members…



in other words,Mama Stasi Merkel’s men!

Those CDU/CSU ratbags are not ‘right’ in any sense, and ‘centre’ only in the shifting sand context of Germany’s dangerous political/moral disintegration, whereby there is now only one rightwing party…

…the patriot AfD!

Meanwhile there are no less than TWO far-left parties, the Left and the Greens…



…with the struggling SPD not much different from them, in coalition with Mama Stasi.

Both of them are, all four in fact of the afore-mentioned, are dedicated to preventing any significant roll-back of multicult migration.

And there’s one small, arguably ‘centre-right’ party, the FDP – now that it has recognised how anguished ordinary German people are about the predators Merkel imported in 2015!

However, all but Merkel’s minions have enough sense (of self-preservation?) to see that if you’re voting on ‘transparency…’


…then seeking to keep your vote secret is not only wrong but STUPID!