Root Out The Tory Rats! Leave EU Want Volunteers!

I have had this further appeal passed on to me by a reader, so in my perpetual determination to do the right thing, here it is!


Dear Supporter, 

We’ve received a phenomenal response to our campaign to get pro-Remain Conservative MPs deselected. Clearly, thousands of party members are aggrieved by their representatives in Parliament and are eager to do something about it.

We are making a major appeal for volunteers as we bear down on these manipulative MPs to counteract their expanding anti-Brexit campaign in Parliament, sending a shockwave through the Conservative Party’s hierarchy.

If you’re a party member eager to give your Conservative MP the boot, please get in touch with us via email, and one of our team will get back to you. You can click here, or simply reply to this email. 
This campaign is aimed primarily at existing party members who joined the Conservatives at least three months ago. However, non-members can still help make a difference. If you’re not yet a card-carrying Conservative, we encourage you to sign up via the following link.

If you’ve not been following your local MP’s activity, we suggest you click this link to find out if they voted for Theresa May’s dismal deal last week. You can check whether they’ve committed the even greater sin of voting for Labour MP Yvette Cooper’s initial amendment to obstruct a no deal outcome by clicking here.

If your MP is either from the opposition or one of the few voices for a sovereign withdrawal from the EU, as always we’d be very pleased to hear from you, but please bear in mind, this initiative is focused on the many constituents represented by the party in government who see little evidence of the direct mandate to leave the European Union being implemented. If you have a friend or family member who you think meets these criteria, please forward this email onto them.

If on the other hand, you are one such constituent, why not get involved and make a difference? We’re currently in the process of assembling individual campaigns across the country, we need all the volunteers we can muster. Please get in touch and help rescue the referendum.