One Day On The Funny Farm – Guardian’s Oz-Day Page

Some of you still ask why I so often use the far-left UK Guardian as a source for my bloggery.

It is one of the most appalling examples of the Enemy Media.

If you are not familiar with its pinko-drivel content, here’s a snapshot from it’s Australian internet page this weekend…


See what I mean?

Their big story was all about how ‘tens of thousands’ of Un-Australian undesirables went a-marching ( more like a-shuffling and/or a-mincing!) to protest against their country’s national day…

…while millions of normal Aussies got on with the seriously enjoyable business of patriotic celebration.

But that’s precisely why I use the Guardian.

Too many bloggers either don’t link to any source, or else to patriot/populist media that share their own goals and values. Such sources may well be accurate and reliable, like Breitbart, but their use will be cited by left-liberal attackers as evidence that we, the good guys, are just echo-chambers.

Of course sometimes it’s inevitable that we use media that report things that the left-liberals suppress, like this weekend’s arrest of Roger Stone, covered widely by the left, gloating at the gestapo tactics, the pre-dawn-raid…



…but not so much hue and cry over how some Deep State slug in law enforcement leaked the timing of the raid to the Trumpophobes of CNN.

‘Amazing coincidence’: CNN’s convenient presence at Roger Stone’s arrest raises questions
The CNN producer at the scene said he was there on a hunch – his “journalistic instinct” kicked in… 

The Enemy Media are quite brazen when they flout their duty as journalists…


Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

…like that bigoted old German bat we often show you.

But it’s good to use them when we can.

If nothing else, it demonstrates due diligence on our part