Belgian Brats Who Need A Short Sharp Lesson!

We late last year noticed an impudent child in The Lucky Country, whose parents have clearly brought her up very badly….


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Brats Demonstrate…Their Ill-Disciplined Irresponsibility! 

…and then not long after that, some ingrate and immature French ‘students’ showed what a waste of time and money…Parisian Piglets And Other Gallic Brats! …it had been to put them through school for years at tax-payers’ expense.

Now we see the same phenomenon in Belgium, with this BBC headline illustrating exactly what’s so wrong with their silly little cerebral cortexes.

Belgium climate protests: Children skip school to demonstrate

These disgusting little twits could of course have attended school – as is their duty – and chosen instead to indulge in ill-informed shuffling on Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning, when schools are closed.

Aaah, but that would have meant giving up their free time for their ‘climate’ cause, and the little hypocrites are hardly going to do THAT, are they?


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But brats are only brats, in most cases, because their parents fail them, by sparing the rod and thus spoiling the child.



“This is a unique moment in Belgian history and I’m glad my son is part of it. We as parents have the moral duty to support them; they show the courage our generation lacked, and now stand up to protect their future and demand [politicians] act more responsibly. I agree that he is missing school, but being part of such a movement is very educational. I want my son to be conscious about challenges such as climate change.”  

This fatuous father’s name is included in the BBC report, but I see no point in identifying him, because clearly there are thousands like him, who could easily take their shrill progeny on a weekend walk but instead abet their truancy.

Best expel the waffling wasters and let drip-dads like the above find money for private schooling.

A touch of reality instead of fantasising that to yammer along as part of a pack of puerile ‘protesters’ is somehow ‘educational.’