Cory Booker for President? Is He Fit For ANY Public Office?

New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker was on the news today, declaring he wants to be President of the USA.

The announcer said he was Afro-American, which is no doubt true, but he is certainly not black – a couple of days on a Bali beach…


…or even in my Jakarta front yard, would have me darker skinned than CB.

However, that’s no big deal.

More concerning are his boorish bad manners, exhibited par excellence in this video of his ungentlemanly and infantile treatment of a lady who works in the Trump Administration.

As we read in PJ Media ( a good little article by Jim Treacher) the bilious NJ senator just yelled at her and told her to shut up when she tried to get a word in edgewise:



I thought Nielsen comported herself well. She let that grandstanding doofus scream his head off, and then she responded to his spittle-flecked tirade calmly and rationally. She behaved professionally, and he behaved like a guy who wants Trump’s job and is trying to set himself apart from the pack.

Use that link to watch Bully Booker and see what you think!