Get Stuffed, Brussels! Not A Penny! Not An Inch!

The overweening arrogance of those damn Euro-Commissars knows no bounds.

EU wants UK to pay Brexit divorce bill also in case of a no-deal Brexit

  • The European Commission warned the UK that it must pay the £39 billion Brexit bill that forms part of the withdrawal agreement also if there the withdrawal agreement is not approved.
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Apart from the arrogance, and the greed, what is surely most striking about that sentence is the ILLOGIC embedded in the EUSSR mentality.

Brits who are uninfected with the Europhiliac virus are opposed to the dirty deal done by Theresa the Appeaser.

The rip-off ‘Brexit Bill’ is one of the reasons it is unacceptable. So is the ‘backstop.’

Brussels says both are non-negotiable, and Juncker the Drunkard has made it clear that if his mincing little buddy Varadkar does not have his ‘backstop,’ then the UK has no withdrawal agreement and will leave their ‘European Project’ in a ‘crash-out…’


…or what unintimidated Brit patriots call a CLEAN BREAK!


Whooppeee, respond True Brits.

But if Britannia can break free and be without a backstop, so too logically can she be without all or any other ingredients of the dirty deal…

…including the ‘bill.’

By logical corollary, if Brussels maintains it can still demand the bill, it must also imagine it can still enforce a backstop.

Time to dust down the battle-ships and RAF war-planes.

No a penny! Not an inch!