Lousy Leinen’s Anti-Patriot Plot Foiled! But Only Just!

Good to learn that the brazen anti-patriot plan dreamed up by the sly German Socialist MEP Jo Leinen…


Vortrag von Jo Leinen „Klimawandel und Klimaschutz“


…which the Europhiliac toad openly boasted was to do down ‘Eurosceptic’ parties…

Strasbourg Left Slugs Target ‘Fake’ Political Parties – AKA Patriots! 

…by stripping them of the rights that his in-crowd enjoy in the ‘European Parliament…’

…powers such as those which Mr Jo Leinen does not want to see in the hands of “Eurosceptics or even anti-Europeans…”   https://www.dn.pt/mundo/interior/fake-groups-de-populistas-na-mira-do-parlamento-europeu-10485650.html

has been thwarted.

But not by much of a majority – not, in fact, by a majority at all.

Last Thursday the Strasbourg Slugs actually voted by 354 to 267 ( with 27 abstentions!) IN FAVOUR of the sleazy fix.


Image result for tower of babel strasbourg

Slug Centre (aka ‘European Parliament’ ) in Strasbourg


But to fiddle the rules in favour of his think-alikes, Louse Leinen needed a super-majority, 376 jackboot jerks like himself.

So the patriot parties can breathe easy for a while, and with the likelihood that their numbers will significantly increase after the elections due in a few months…




…Leinen’s rat-pack have little chance of reintroducing their dirty tricks package.

But is it not instructive, that these swine hold you in such contempt that most of them voted to get the better of those who challenge their arrogance, not by open honest argument as real parliamentarians should…



…but by changing the rules to disadvantage patriots who won’t play ball with the supranationalist agenda?