Cover-Up! Closed-Doors In Dutch ‘Hate’ Trial

Something is very rotten in the Dutch legal system, selective prosecution depending on political affiliation…


…and senior in-crowd politicians allowed to hide behind closed doors when giving evidence on a key free speech case…

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…the whole mess stinks worse than a hunk of Edam cheese that’s gone off.

The trial in question is that of Geert Wilders, inexplicably charged with the nonsense crime of ‘hate-speech,’ merely for saying what probably most Dutch people think, that there are too many Moroccans in their country.

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Whose country is it?

If it’s conceded that it is the homeland of the Dutch, then surely the Dutch are free to say who should or should not be accepted as guests therein?

Whatever, Holland, like many other otherwise democratic nations, has the albatross ‘hate’ law round its neck for the time being, and until a patriotic government is elected, that won’t change.

As to the proceedings in court, is it not very strange that the former Justice Minister, Ivo Opstelten, is getting special treatment when he comes to testify?


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After all, the victim, Wilders, has stated very clearly that there was political interference in the move to charge him, specifically, that .

All the more reason, surely, that this question is answered in open court, so everyone in The Kingdom of the Netherlands can see and hear the ex-minister’s response to a grave accusation…


…but instead, the legal establishment wants the matter sequestered from public scrutiny.

And on the basic principle of the case, whether foreigners, of whatever origin, are above criticism, compare and contrast!

Only a year ago, Alexander Pechtold, then leader of the liberal D66 party, was clearly guilty of an ethnic slur when he said :

“I still have to meet the first Russian who corrects his mistakes himself.”


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Despite a major public row over this, the Public Prosecutor decided he was not guilty of group insult.

So overtly Russophobic jibes are beyond legal reproach but when a politician echoes popular opinion on Moroccans, enter the bold PC gendarmes?


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Wilders is facing the unjust trial with wry equanimity.

“For a threefold murder, the judge sets three days aside. But if you say three words, you’re on trail for five years. It is ridiculous that I have to stand here.”

As to the ‘closed door cover-up on testiimony?

 “That is incomprehensible and a very big disadvantage for me as a suspect. But we will be able to make everything public.”

Wilders’ lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops had also hoped the case would come to an end today. “But on the other hand: the case is now being more seriously looked at than the last time. We expect to be able to reveal with the announced investigations what exactly the political interference was.”

The substantive treatment of the appeal will start on June 25th.