Merkel’s Slug-Minions Fear The Public!

You have to hand it to Merkel’s Mob, the German ‘centre-right’ (harharhar!) bloc in the ‘European Parliament’ – for sheer brass neck they are absolutely unbeatable!


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Daniel Caspary MEP


One of Mama Stasi’s Strasbourg Slugs has openly admitted that his gang’s determination to prevent voters knowing how they cast their ballots on a ‘transparency’ motion last week…

Not ‘Right’ – Very, Very Wrong – Another Story of Strasbourg Slugs! 

…was based on their fear of citizens outrage!




An MEP spearheading demands for a secret ballot on a transparency vote at the European Parliament’s plenary on Thursday (31 January) says it is needed to PROTECT COLLEAGUES FROM A PUBLIC BACKLASH.

Who does this Merkeloid mannekin think he is?

He is only there among the other slugs because the people put him there.

  • elite arrogance-s
  • The people, therefore, have an undeniable right to know EVERYTHING he says and does as an MEP – ESPECIALLY on an issue like ‘transparency!

The Thursday vote spans proposals to require leading MEPs, like committee chairs, to publish meetings with registered lobbyists.