Terror Beast Stays Caged – But Why Not Free Some GOOD People?

Good to read that President Jokowi has backed off his stated intention to unleash the rabid terrorist convict Abu Bakar Ba’asyir…



…after public outrage over the old monster’s refusal top fulfil the basic requirement – Government Regulation (PP) No. 99/2012 –  here for such releases…

garuda pancasila (lambang negara Indonesia)

…a pledge of loyalty to his country and to its pluralist national ideology.

We discussed this at length a week or so ago…

  “A Wise And Noble Step?” Islamic ‘Scholars’ On Terrorist Unleashed In Indonesia!

…and, while I doubt that anyone powerful here reads my blog, certainly the powers-that-be must have been shaken by the general dismay that the news of the beast’s release provoked.

Most Indonesians are decent people.

Most decent Indonesians, like most people everywhere, regard terrorists as satanic scum.

But if Jokowi is concerned to be seen as a humane leader, doling out compassionate clemency, surely there are others who deserve their freedom much more than Ba’asyir The Beast.

One obvious deserving case is Meiliana!


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