Fight Hate – SPLC Must Be Taught A Lesson!

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a dangerous organisation, as we have noted before.

Mastercard Men Facilitating Far-Left Fanatics! 


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Visa/Mastercard – Total Bankers Or Enablers Of Red Hate? 


So, since I am always glad to spread news of the fight-back against enemies of freedom and democracy, here is an appeal for funds.

And incidentally, there are signs the rabid leftists are worried……about the threat posed by the …

David Horowitz Freedom Center

Up to you!

SPLC stores millions offshore while exploiting flaws in our legal system to attack anyone that threatens their so-called “progressive agenda.”

They fancy themselves untouchable — but their accomplices aren’t.

And we must make them answer for their deeds until no one dares rely on SPLC’s blatant propaganda.

Because this doesn’t stop with me, David or the Freedom Center.

After all, we saw what the Left did to the young boys from Covington Catholic.

They’re coming after you and your family — to your jobs, your kids’ schools — and all the way up to your front door.

That’s why we retained one of the best conservative lawyers in the country — Harmeet Dhillon — to represent us.

And that’s why she’s working around the clock to bring these groups to justice.

But before David can finish signing one check, there’s another invoice on his desk.

As a nonprofit, the Freedom Center depends entirely on the generosity of patriots like you.

So please follow this link to make a donation of $35 or more right away.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.

Robert Spencer

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