France24 Lets ‘Rights’ Leftist Spew Anti-Polish Propaganda

More bare-faced propaganda from Macron’s state-subsidised broadcaster, with a leftist named Hillary Margolis – paid a handsome salary by the ‘NGO’ Human Rights Watch – welcomed into their studio to promote a ‘feminist’ agenda in Poland.

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· In this edition of The 51 Percent, Human Rights Watch researcher Hillary Margolis joins us to discuss her report on attacks to women’s activism in Poland.

The 51% – Disparaging feminism: Attacks on women’s rights in Poland – France 24

Margolis is not Polish, and neither is the little bint Rochelle Bouyahi, who hosted the women’s programme called ‘The 51%’ …


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Little Rochelle


…and who clearly had no interest in challenging the ranter’s diatribe about ‘the smear campaigns the government has launched against’ her pals in Poland.

This France24 tripe-fest lasted many long minutes and at no time was Margolis nailed for her attempts to gloss over allegations she blandly dismissed –  of ‘women activists’ being involved with ‘transgenderism’ and with the ‘sexualisation of children.’ A serious interviewer would surely have asked for details – like ..

‘On what did they base these accusations about children?’

‘If they’re WOMEN’s activists, how were they linked to the trans-freaks?’ 

Little Rochelle failed completely to press Margolis on these grave accusations! Watch it via the link and see for yourselves

What got me was not the entirely predictable ‘gender-ideology’ yammering…



…but the way the HRW hack was most specially vexed that the government she evidently detests could cut off funds to her pet agitprop outfits.

If these “women’s activism” yelpers can’t rely on the generosity of all those Polish women, the women they’re claiming to represent ( and that would be, perhaps, on top of Soros largesse, why the hell would they expect bail-outs from the pockets of tax-payers?

Nor were we told when, or if ever, France24’s commitment to honest journalism (har-har-har) would see a government spokesperson invited in from Poland to rebut the leftist Hillary’sharangue.

No worries – just don’t hold yer breath!