How Many Oz Doctors Are Pro-Crimmigrant Ratbags?

How many times have we seen doctors actively engaged in pro-crimmigrant propaganda, or, even more reprehensibly, pro-crimmigrant activity?

Demon Doctors – Mendacious Medics Collaborate With Mama Stasi’s Migrants! 



The MV Aquarius is a former German coast-guard and fishery protection vessel (then named Meerkatze, 1977) operated since February 2016 by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

NGO Imports Murderous Savages – Impound Aquarius

Australians should be alert to the dire dangers ( not the health dangers, which also exist – Illegals No Threat? “The Exceptions Are Hepatitis, Tuberculosis And HIV.” ) presented by the plan, belatedly watered down but still subversive of border security, by which pinko creeps with medical degrees can, simply by lying their heads off…


…allow boat-bludgers, corralled as they aimed to gate-crash Aussie territorial waters, at last to attain their illegal objectives.



The undesirables  who ended up on those various islands PURELY through their own lawlessness should NEVER be allowed to set foot on the soil of the country they ruthlessly targetted.