Welcome Back, Walking Dead! No, I Don’t Mean You-Know-Who!

Today, 11th February, fans of The Walking Dead will be tuning in for the start of the new series, in which the zombies seem to have developed communication skills…

Rick has moved on


…but are they real zoms or bad humans masquerading as zoms?

This will be the first series without Rick Grimes, the brave cop who led the good guys from when the apocalypse began. I think the character did need a break, in that he was turning into a bit of a pinko, putting villainous Negan into a cell instead of executing him, a fate which that bad brute utterly deserved.

Of the remaining stars, The Widow is made of the right stuff, proven beyond doubt…



….when she had another good-for-nothing, Gregory, hanged.

Carol, formerly a tad wimpish, has toughened up agreeably, setting light to a gang of ratbags who used violence on her adopted son, while Daryl is as top-notch as ever.


Image result for daryl zombies

Carol and Daryl

  • No messin’ with that crossbow-bearing fellow!

I hope to be home in good time to enjoy their return.

PS – as for my You-Know-Who headline, who did you think I was referring to?


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