Why Do Media Focus On Mouthings Of Meaningless People?

How many of these names mean anything to any of you?

Vassilis Alexakis, Svetlana Alexievitch, Anne Applebaum, Jens Christian Grøndahl, David Grossman, Agnès Heller, Elfriede Jelinek, Ismaïl Kadaré, György Konrád, Milan Kundera, Bernard-Henri Lévy, António Lobo Antunes, Claudio Magris, Ian McEwan, Herta Müller, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Orhan Pamuk, Rob Riemen, Salman Rushdie, Fernando Savater, Roberto Saviano, Eugenio Scalfari, Simon Schama, Peter Schneider, Abdulah Sidran, Leïla Slimani, Colm Tóibín, Mario Vargas Llosa, Adam Michnik and Adam Zagajewski.



Have you read any books, articles, or even ‘letters-to-the-editor’ penned by any of them? Have you even read anything written ABOUT them?

(Actually, in the case of two of them, if you read my blog regularly, you have – see my PS when you get to the bottom of this page!).



I need hardly continue, but one more question – do you sit down to bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning and say to the person across the table –

‘Hey, didya see what ‘X’ (insert any of the above) had to say about ( insert anything at all) ???’

Unlikely – because you are a normal person.

Okay, most of you probably have heard of Rushdie, but only because he was sentenced to death in absentia by an ignorant old savage in Tehran. Shameful, yes, but even so, I have never read Rushdie’s ‘Satanic Verses’ – have you?

Much of what ‘intellectuals’ write is unreadable.

They tend to write for each other.


Image result for stodge


In other words, these waste-of-space ‘intellectuals,’ to whose collective bleat  – ‘Europe Is Coming Apart’ – the Guardian gives such prominence, are completely irrelevant to real people who get up every morning and go forth to do honest work.

Suppose I rounded up a similar number of real, useful people, street-cleaners, shop assistants, barmaids, bank clerks, builders’ labourers, firemen, secretaries, who share my views on “Europe” or anything else and had them sign a declaration to that effect?

Would the Guardian even bother to read it, never mind give it huge coverage?

Not a chance, and why?

Because they are real, useful members of the community, who do real jobs, lead normal lives and are thus of infinitely greater value to their country than any of the ‘cerebral celebs’ whose pearls of ‘wisdom’ the Guardian would have us slurp like sheep.

It’s not just the Guardian, true.

Even RT had an incomprehensible report on somebody called Thom Yorke, whose appearance is as unkempt as his latest infantile and ignorant outburst…


Related image

Brexit is like ‘early days of third reich,’ Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke says

…to whom we should apparently ( in Thom Yorke’s opinion, if nobody else’s ) listen carefully, because he is connected to a band called Radiohead.

And THAT merits newspaper coverage?

What is wrong with the media?

Why the obsession with self-important individuals who are of no significance except to their own kind.

 PS – as noted above, two of the ‘intellectuals’ have in the past made it big – they got attacked here on RRA!

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