Yes, Murder Is A Crime – But Let’s Not Jail Too Many Murderers!

It is always challenging to watch the contortions of the Media-Democrat Party in America, how they claim to be American but do all they can to undermine the USA.




But surely we have just seen the most breath-taking example of their convoluted  – crack-brained –  debating tactics.

Imagine a political party that insists it is, always has been, opposed to murder. It will, it says, maintain its opposition to murder.

But it will make sure there is insufficient space in prisons to hold convicted killers.




It’s absurd, laughable, an insult not just to law and order but also to logic!

What is being said is…

If a thousand murderers are convicted and there are only a thousand cells available, once they’re fully occupied then all other convicted killers will just have to be turned loose, perhaps with a courteous request that they check in with parole officers now and then?




Yet that’s what the Media-Democrat Party USA wants to do with another category of seriously dangerous law-breakers – CRIMMIGRANTS!


…one sticking point in negotiations was the Republicans’ refusal to accept a cap on the number of undocumented immigrants who might be held in detention centers run by the Immigration and Naturalization Services.




Democrats say that an absence of such a cap, pegged at 16,500 detainees, could be exploited by the Trump Administration to round up an indefinite number of detainees.

So just turn ’em loose?


deep state

Well, God Bless Trump if he does round up not 16,500 but 165,000 undesirable aliens. That’s a drop in the bucket, given there are said to be 12 million of the creeps in the USA.

Upholding the law and the territorial sovereignty of one’s country is NOT ‘exploitation.’

It’s called patriotism.



That’s something Media-Democrats just don’t get.

To coin a phrase we heard from Turn-Coat Tusk recently on another issue entirely, there must be a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for scumbags like that.


Unless of course The Devil has had limits placed on his powers to hold evil-doers.