Patriots Abused As ‘Gammon?’ But That’s A Compliment, You Dimwit Pinkos!

Many of you have probably seen that video…


Shrill Soubry


…in which Fourth Reich fan Shrill Soubry was purporting to be affronted when somebody DARED call her a ‘Nazi?’



Also starring on the scene was an insipid far-left queer journo named Owen Jones, who smarmed along a Westminster street yammering about going home for some ‘gammon.

That kind of meat is wholesome and appealing, thus, to that extent at least, similar to patriotism, but talk of meat seemed wholly irrelevant to what was going on outside the Commons.


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Owen ‘The Homo’ Jones


Having lived in Scotland for a while, I was bemused by this, wondering if it was an allusion to Jones’ maladjusted sexuality, because in coarse Scots slang, and with a change to the second vowel and an apostrophe at the end, that word might be a reference to what homos tend to do with each other.

However, he did not appear to be in confessional mode.

So I investigated – not urgently, I admit, since I regard Jones and his ilk as of minimal significance – and learned that ‘gammon‘ has become a term of racist abuse slung at British patriots.

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When confronted with, and made indignant by, slimy Europhiliac and/or pro-crimmigrant pinkos (yes, like Jones!) patriots’ complexions are said, probably often with some truth, to turn ruddy – akin, slightly, to the colour of gammon, which is ‘pork after it has been cured by dry-salting or brining, …it may or may not be smoked.’

This is absolutely racist, because it is a jibe reserved for white patriots only – patriots of non-white ethnic origin, of whom there are many, are not subject to the same change in hue!

They may be able to blush, but ruddy?


Hate-speech is part and parcel of the far-left vocabulary (and Owen Jones is a thorough-bred far-leftist, according to Wikipedia – He describes himself as a ‘fourth-generation socialist’; his grandfather was involved with the Communist Party and his parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant group…

But the Left has long had a comprehensive hate-dictionary, mindless words like ‘xenophobe,’ etc,. so it beats me why they have chosen to expand it to include ‘gammon,’ which, to 99% of everyday Brits, has nothing but nice connotations.

Anyone got any explanations?