Vive La France – Let’s All Join The Fight Against That Euro-Flag!

It’s many a time I have passed the French and German embassies here in Jakarta, on Jalan Thamrin, and although my Busway journeys are usually agreeable enough…




…if I get a seat!- there are times I glance at the diplomatic outposts of two historic European nations and grimace at their self-abasement, their national flags not flying aloft but kept level with  that repulsive emblem of the Brussels Empire.




All being well, the same shameful situation at the UK Embassy will end soon, but that edifice is well off the beaten track, so does not affront me so often.

I hope a grand ceremony is arranged for the day the symbol of the EUSSR is hauled down there….




…and preferably burned in the gutter, like the dirty rotten rag it is!

This week, however, ghastly news from France, where an admirable move to have the fine Tricoleur displayed in every school-room…


…has been tainted by amendment to have the Brussels banner displayed with equal prominence!


French patriots are naturally incensed. There’s a petition been promptly launched and I append it for my small but valiant band of Gallic readers.

I have always admired the way youngsters in American schools make the Pledge of Allegiance.


The UK should mark the restoration of independence – aka Brexit – by introducing a similar daily loyalty oath.

Apart from being a good thing in itself, it would provide justification for removing brats brought up to prioritise  allegiance to supranational – marxist or sectarian- ideologies.

If you don’t love it,leave it!