In New Mexico, Some DO Dare Call it Treason!

Good to see that patriots in New Mexico have launched an online petition demanding that their lousy liberal State Governer, Lujan Grisham, be impeached for treason ‘for aiding illegal entry…’



Grimnasty    ‘.


Grimnasty Grisham’s Democrat Party Comrade, Brian Egolf, Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives, is needless to say out to protect her from proceedings.

He’s refusing even to place it on the legislative agenda.

Yet it’s hard to argue against the more than 42,000 petitioners, who say that her withdrawal of New Mexico National Guard troops from the border is treasonous and she should be made to answer for it.


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Interesting also to note that the equally disgraceful California governor, another Democrat, of course, named Gavin Newsom, has pulled a similar stunt in his state.

Have Pacific coast patriots got a petition going too?

Anyway, here’s the link to the New Mexico petition.

Good luck to the signatories!