How Many Brexit Parties Does Britain Need?

Let’s not trip each other up!

A month or so ago, I wrote about the need to be relaxed about both UKIP and Nigel’s new Brexit Party contesting the Strasbourg elections…


Nigel Farage,

Making Plans For Nigel? Why Not? 

…if somehow Britain was still mired in the Brussels Empire in May.

In a system of proportional representation, whichever party gets the fewer votes drops out and those votes are transferred to whichever party the voters indicated was their second preference.

The same applies if there are 3 or 4 preferences, though it may confuse much of the electorate in the UK, which is not used to such a system.

Now we have a third party. Jeremy Hosking’s heart is no doubt in the right place but his money is in the wrong place if his billboards are the prelude to yet another party.

Yet he seems determined that his Brexit Express will contest UK elections.

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And I hear there’s a fourth party emerging, Our Nation, led by Henry Bolton, ex-UKIP leader.

NOT GOOD – the same arguments propounded above do not apply to Westminster elections.

There, it’s first past the post.

So if we had a constituency with Brexit Party and UKIP both contesting, the anti-Europhiliac vote would be split.

If there was also a candidate from Brexit Express, and/or Our Nation, it’s fair to say the parties of the rotten ruling class would romp home…


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…the in-crowd traitors of Lab-Lib-Con keeping their malign grip on the levers of power.

Hosking and Bolton are both patriots, but they would be better to start talks right away with Nigel Farage, to ensure a common front against Britain’s Enemy Within!

There is work to be done to destroy an evil entity – unity is essential.


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