‘Fear?’ Let’s Call It ‘Delight!’ But More So, If They Take Fourth Reich Fan Soubry!

A Sun ‘exclusive,’ so we are told, but many other UK media cover the prospect of an imminent rat-run by the crassest Remainiac elements, that weird Wollaston woman and Heidy Horror Allen, whose ingratitude must be galling to May ( Theresa meddled in the local Cambridge constituency to rescue the left-liberal loudmouth from her angry grass-roots a year or so ago)




The bilious brace and a few other misfits are said to be ready to emulate Labour’s Seven Dwarves, also gone ‘splittist’  – tasty word, that, beloved by Red China’s ideologues, but redolent of bananas and thus of banana-skins!

But it’s the Sun headline that intrigues me.


What kind of Tories fear diarhoea? Not a pretty process, a body getting rid of something unpleasant, but it leaves the inner workings in better shape.

Yet ‘Tories,’ some of them, are said to be fearful about the departure of the pinko splittists!

Real conservatives’ only ‘fear’ should be this – that the foul Fourth Reich fan..



…Shrill Soubry, whose presence, not just in any party purporting to be conservative, but in parliament too, is a stench in the nostrils of every patriot…


fourth reich


…that she might not join her Europhiliac comrades in baling out.