Will Fake ‘NGOs’( EU-Funded!) Meddle In EU Election?

An “NGO” scribbler whistling in the dark?

That’s my initial response to an EUObs piece this month about the prospects of a patriot party upsurge in the elections for a new batch of MEPs in May.

We covered the enemy’s strategy to prevent that highly desirable outcome on 12th Feb – ‘


– but this, below, adds an extra dimension to that report.




Behold the propagandist given tons of column inches by EUObserver, a certain Monica Li, who ‘works for the Migration Policy Group, a neutral-sounding ‘Brussels-based think tank covering EU migration policy,’ and who  contributes to Migration News Sheet, a UNHCR-sponsored website…

Yes, the UNHCR!

Meddling! UN Sticky-Beaks Weigh Into Austrian Election! 

UN Apparatchiks Champion ‘Asylum’ Bludgers –NAUGHTY Oz

and that gives the game away!

We know all too well how, under its malevolent series of leaders, UNHCR has shown itself virulently hostile to patriotic parties and people all over the place…


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UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres spoke today with FYR Macedonia Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki about the situation, and received assurances that the border will not be closed in the future.  http://www.unhcr.org/news/press/2015/8/55d740e76/unhcr-voices-concern

Yes, Ephialtes did his foul worst there, before he became UN Sec-Gen!

According to Ms. Li, whose viciously pro-crimmigrant ideology is quickly discerned in a petition her outfit supported…

=Image result for migration policy group

…along with five other agitprops, who might, some of them, surprise you ( see who they were at the bottom of the page)… and a rant she published late last year on the UN’s global pact – https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/monica-li/global-compact-for-migration-missed-opportunities-for-europe  –

  • …according to her…

  • the three groups she classifies as seriously rightwing have 151 out of 751 seats, and ‘even large gains are unlikely to give them a majority.’

She has a point, and is also correct to note that some of those in one of the three groups she names, the EFDD, are not to be counted on when it comes to big issues.

Image result for five star movement italy

Her example, ‘Italian members…who come from the Five Star Movement,’ do indeed have a deplorable voting record on crimmigrant issues.

But she’s smart enough to admit that, within the largely fake-right European People’s Party, there are some sound-thinking members, who ‘could still tilt the balance’ and a lot more who might be scared into voting patriotically or at least abstaining, if they see votes slipping away to the good guys.

Example- 52 EPP members who voted against humanitarian visas, including all 12 MEPs from Hungary and 15 of 20 MEPs from France (121 voted in favour and 24 abstained).

But it’s not my purpose to speculate idly, fun though that can sometimes be.

What is most rivetting about the article is Li’s bold recognition that the battle for the hearts and minds of every national electorate all across Europe will NOT merely be between three main groupings, the liberal-left (think Verhofstadt) their appeasement allies in the fake-right EPP and – fighting them both, the peoples’ champions, the third force…



‘Let’s Unite Europe!’ We Should Echo That Heroic Call! 

…which Salvini and Le Pen and others are working to construct.

If it were such a trilateral situation, we would likely win – but it won’t be.

There will be huge meddling by a vast array of ‘NGO’ Enemies Within.

If pressure groups get into it, all well and good – if they are NON-governmentally funded. If a group of people combine to raise money and campaign for causes that matter to them, that’s democracy…-

IF they raise their own campaign finances.

BUT how many of them do?

A BILLION? Brussels To Squander YOUR Taxes On “NGO” Agit-Prop! 



We have raised this issue time and again…

ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 

…and the revolting ILGA…

EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

But now it’s more urgent than ever – because Ms. Li tells us plainly, boldly, that ‘NGOs’-

– will be mobilised – ‘…NGOs and civil society can have a major impact on outcomes by campaigning at the national level.

These types of efforts can help ensure that, even if far-right groups and positions gain ground following the upcoming elections, the EU parliament can continue its work to support human rights, humanitarian action, and a more humane system of migration.


Patriots/populists owe it to voters in every corner of the Continent as well as on the Sceptred Isle to expose and overcome that sort of leftist claptrap.


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The five pro-crimmigrant petitioners were –

Li’s MPG  – Migrant Voice – ENAR Europe – Caritas Europe – La Strada – AND…

…the Austrian Red Cross! 

Yeah, the Red Cross! Do Austria  tax-payers fund them? How about Caritas – does it get grant-aid, like ENAR, from the EUSSR, or other public purses?

Time you started asking!