Spain Woke Up – Now Portugal’s Turn?

“Instead of demanding progress and social justice, they are supporting extreme-right positions aimed at societal and civilizational regression,” Arménio Carlos, general secretary of the biggest labor union and a Communist Party central committee member…

The Portuguese Yellow Vests may not be very numerous but they must be a worry to the worst elements in their country, to get drenched with marxist bile.

communism tyranny

Communism, rather than anything in the Yellow Vest protests, is infamous worldwide for its societal and civilisational regression – or more precisely blood-stained record of oppression…



…and the fact that a card-carrying CP member can hold an influential position also tells us a lot about how much Portugal needs radical change.


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We here were in the habit of being vexed that Spain, Portugal’s next-door neighbour, lacked a significant patriot party, but happily the Spaniards have finally begun to catch up….

Vox Pop, Vox Dei? Spanish Resistance Rising! 

…with France and Italy and Germany, where Marine Le Pen and Matteo Salvini and the AfD are strong and valorous champions of their peoples.

The author of the January article in initially offers us slim pickins.

Almost alone in Europe, Portugal has no significant far-right party. Still, small ultranationalist groups joined Friday’s protests. One Yellow Jacket Facebook group only recently changed its name from

“Portugal First — No to Refugees.”


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A seemingly reliable poll last month raised doubts over Portugal’s immunity to far-right populism ahead of elections scheduled for October. It indicated 27 percent might vote for a new party that’s tough on corruption and illegal immigration, should one emerge.


Early days yet.

However, if those various ‘small ultranationalist groups‘ can get their act together in the months ahead, who’s to say that a patriot party might not make an impact?

After all, Portugal is a land with a proud history.