UK Media Cover-Up Dirty Donkeys’ I.D!

We raised this question weeks ago, why the amazing investigative journalism ( yeah, right!) upon which some sections of the UK media like to preen…

Lack Of Investigative Journalism Skills? Or Deliberate Donkey Cover-Up? 

…….has not been brought to bear on the pack of braying asses who hide behind that idiotic slogan ‘Led by Donkeys.’

The agitproppers make a big deal of the fact that they are crowd-funded, and since the Un-British, anti-Brexit minority have always tended to come from the more moneyed strata of society….


….condescending creeps who look down their noses at honest working folk, then maybe the asses do get  loadsa cash that way.

But their obsessive secrecy about WHO they really are, their desperate need to mask their identities….


Led By Donkeys

….really must make us ask where the funds are coming from!

We know filthy Soros money is being pumped into Europhiliac campaigning..

Image result for soros brexit money

….so why would that meddler- monster shrink from publicity over abetting this particular gang?

All such questions could be answered fast and furious…


IF ….

…even one or two honest journalists in the British media did a bit of digging.

Yet quite the reverse has been happening!

A Guardian scribbler named Wollaston ( any kin to the Remainiac Sarah who just joined Soubry’s bathetic quit-stunt?) actually rendezvoused with the dishonest scumbags…


….and reported how they justified their criminality – they regard stealing as ‘borrowing’ from “a company that could afford to lend it to us.”

 Wollaston gives a direct quote from one of the arrogant collabo curs – “We didn’t necessarily ask permission but it was public service and therefore totally justified.” 


What a nerve! Ratbags with no civic conscience!

Whatever law-breaking suits their bigoted Europhiliac purpose is ‘justified?’

These are very unpleasant and dangerous individuals, who need to be exposed, sooner the better, PARTICULARLY in view of what they hinted to the Guardian hack a week or more ago, that they were plotting ‘something closer’ to Brexiteers.

Time the swine were dragged into daylight! Pity the media are, by refusal to report thoroughly, aiding and abetting.