Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds

Nauseating but somehow, with that foul thing May as Prime Minister…


theresa tran


..not at all surprising to read that British tots fresh out of kindergarten are to be drenched in state-sponsored filth.

 “Gay & trans sex education to be taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS in UK ...”

…and woe betide any mum or dad who takes a stand for decency, because…


…opting out is ILLEGAL!”

I can only give thanks that my offspring are grown and not being coerced by degenerates to wade into dirty drivel such as that described in the report out today, viz.

 ‘Tango Makes Three,’ a book about two gay penguins who nurture an egg taken from another family, and ‘My Princess Boy,’ which celebrates a dark-skinned child who loves to cross-dress.

A hundred thousand signature petition from citizens horrified by this evil indoctrination will hit the House of Commons this week…




If you are British, please sign it, and/or ask your MP where he or she stands on poisoning the minds of small children.

PS …there’s a link to the petition in the RT story.