Send Bigot Booker A Message!

You may recall we wrote about an unpleasant man a few weeks ago.

Cory Booker for President? Is He Fit For ANY Public Office? 

But just recently we learned a bit more about what a bigoted leftist he is, and how stupid, too.

I quote from NOM, which describes his gaystapoid intimidatory exploits during a hearing to approve a new judge.

...he questioned federal appeals court nominee Neomi Rao, whose parents immigrated to the US from India. Booker looked ridiculous in trying to get Rao to denounce gay ‘marriage’ and inquire whether she thought that homosexuality was a sin. Rao easily dismissed the inquiry by pledging to follow legal precedent on marriage established by the US Supreme Court, as the law requires.

Neomi Rao (Official).jpg

She declined to answer his question about the “sinfulness” of gay relationships, making it clear that any personal views she might have would have no bearing on her performance as a judge.

Not satisfied, Booker utterly embarrassed himself by demanding to know if she had ever hired any LGBT law clerks. Since Rao hasn’t ever been a judge previously, she explained that she hasn’t hired any clerks, gay or otherwise.

Thanks to NOM for letting us know of Booker’s feeble inquisition…

Help NOM Stop Religious Bigots Like Cory Booker

…given that his appearance in our previous blog-post was all about his hectoring of another lady, perhaps he is a misogynist?

But hang on…

There’s something else you can do to send Cory Booker a message if you are so inclined.

Gambar terkait

On his presidential website, Booker has a feature called, “Ask Cory” which allows people to share what’s on their mind.


Please consider completing the form and asking him, “Why are you a bigot?” 

Perhaps if Booker’s presidential campaign realizes that his attacks on people of faith are offending people in states all over America, he will rethink his bigoted views and stop his attacks. (You will have to include your email address in order to submit the form. Doing so may result in you receiving unsolicited emails from his campaign. If that happens, you can easily just unsubscribe at that time.