Exactly HOW Many Brexit U-Turns Have Happened?

My buddies and I are out for a drink in posh Kuningan, or Menteng.

My round.

“What’s it to be, guys, Heineken or Bintang?”

Having decided, like all the rest, to order Bintang, I advise the bar-maid of our order. As she starts pouring, I change my mind.

“Make that four Bintang and one Heineken, love!”

Will the local newspaper report this development the next day as



Market Share Shock – Expats in Jakarta change to Heineken!  


Obviously not!

If a tiny minority of a group change their minds about something, can ANY – even the most partisan –  media be justified in constructing a headline that makes it seem like a massive U-turn?  –

Brexit-backing British nationals living in Spain told Channel 4 News they feel remorse for their decision as they face an uncertain future…

Leave-backing expats in Spain regret their decision as Brexit looms …inews.co.ukFeb 11, 2019

Now that headline is grotesquely, and probably deliberately, misleading…


…suggesting that all the patriots who have retired from their UK jobs and decided, like me, that life in a hot sunny climate is a pleasant prospect, me in Jakarta, they to Spanish shores…

…have u-turned on  their patriotic Leave decision and have now joined the Grovel Gang!

But when you read the story below the headline, you quickly learn that the hacks have spoken to a mere handful of that expat community.

No attempt was made to conduct any serious survey of expat opinion.

It is highly unlikely that there has been any major shift in expat opinion.



Of course when  you read the whole ‘i-news’ piece and see that it wasn’t them that created this archetypal ‘Fake News’ but another, notoriously unsound, segment of the UK media…


Hasil gambar untuk channel 4


…you will NOT be surprised.


Speaking of people changing, or not changing, their minds….

…..whatever can we say about a man who year after year would not be pressured into abandoning his enthusiasm for Blood-Beast Adams the Sinn Fein/IRA terror boss…



….but, this month, this week, today, almost within a twinkling of an eye, threw overboard his public pledge to implement the decision of the British people on taking back their sovereignty from the Brussels Empire.