Sad, Sick Scotland! ‘Charity’ Seeks Sodomite Adopters…


Scottish charity to target LGBT nightclubs to boost number of gay and single adopters
A Scottish adoption charity is to target popular LGBT nightclubs for the first time in a bid to encourage more single people to adopt and foster


How sad, how sick, can it get?

Not a lot, the “charity’s” scheme made even more offensive, if possible,by the fact that it’s named for Scotland’s patron Christian saint, Andrew…


Saint Andrew


…but decent Scots must be horrified that anyone, let alone a ‘charity,’ would knowingly consign defenceless kids to the care and control of self-confessed homos.

Nor is it a question of physical risk, though a search of info on that subject reveals sufficient cause for alarm.

How about the issue of indoctrination into degenerate thinking?

That aspect is glaringly illustrated by another headline this week, from Holland, where some wretched child with FOUR sexually maladjusted ‘parents’ has campaigned ( successfully, incredibly!) for Donald Duck cartoons…


scrooge mcduck

Will Uncle Scrooge’s kilt now be misrepresented?


… yes, seriously,  to include a pair of perverted characters.