Spelman Next Target? All Aboard Deselection Express!

I hope all the Brits overseas who cannot physically participate in the delightful deselection campaign described below will at least seend a donation to Leave EU.

They’re doing an excellent job.

Pleasing to see the patriots are now going after that repulsive Spelman…


….whom we spotlighted a little while ago.

Here’s the entire Leave EU bulletin for you to enjoy with your Sunday British Breakfast, if you are ‘back in Blighty’ – or with a sun-downer, if you are here in Jakarta.

More heads are about to roll after Leave.EU’s AGM initiative got off to a ruthlessly effective start this week. The response to this initiative, part of our deselection campaign, to put forward motions of no confidence in the sitting MP at Conservative Party annual general meetings has been overwhelming. Already, we’re poised to win another big scalp after slaying Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen last week.
Yesterday, we learned supporters of Caroline Spelman in Meriden have been plotting to finalise the agenda for their upcoming AGM and close out any chance for Conservative activists to get her booted out.

Within 24 hours, a letter had been sent to the branch chairman for a no-confidence vote. Hopefully, she’s on her way out. This afternoon, two Leave.EU supporters in Rugby got in touch with us to say they will shortly deliver their MP, Mark Pawsey his P45. If you’re about to send in your letter, get in touch with usand we’ll support you in any way we can.

Meanwhile – petitions, the other deselection route – are growing at a rapid rate. Eurofanatic MPs Dominic Grieve, Philip Lee, Sam Gyimah, Antoinette Sandbach and Jo Johnson are all about to be summoned to a Special General Meeting where activists will vote on no-confidence motions. Simon Hoare and David Gauke will soon receive notices. Nasty Nick Boles has already been read the riot act by his members.

Ex-defence secretary Michael Fallon is another who has lost the trust of local members after the Sevenoaks Conservative Association chair walked out in disgust at his continuous attempts to block Brexit.

Following Mrs May’s abominable decision to hand control of withdrawal over to Parliament, along with Jeremy Corbyn’s predictably pathetic second referendum pledge, we are faced with either a very bad Brexit or none at all.

If MPs are allowed free rein to side with either of these dreadful options, we will have been well and truly betrayed. Which is why our deselection initiative is so important. We need to put the frighteners on our shoddy representatives.

So join our campaign to stick two fingers up at your local Remainer MP.

There are two ways of getting rid of your MP via a motion of no-confidence: a petition and special general meeting or by simply adding the motion at your upcoming AGM.

Before participating, please note that you need to:

  • Have been a member of the Conservative Party for at least three months
  • Live in a Tory-held constituency. We are only targeting MPs who are assisting with Theresa May’s Brexit strategy and those attempting to sabotage it altogether.

If these criteria don’t apply to you, we encourage you to make a donation to support our expanding operation.

Annual General Meeting
This process is the simplest. All you need to do is send a letter (we’ve prepared a template for you here). Print off two copies. One to send to your association chairman, the other is for your local party secretary. Ensure both copies are filled out appropriately (blank fields contain instructions in red), signed by the proposer and seconder and sent via recorded delivery.The Chairman will publish the agenda seven days in advance of the meeting so get your letters in soon. Click here to find out the date and location of your AGM. If you can’t find details, contact your association.
Special General Meeting
Outside of an AGM, you can bring about a special general meeting by compiling 50 signatures or the equivalent of 10% of the local membership. So long as you pass one of these two thresholds, you will trigger an SGM, at which the no confidence motion will be held.If you’re interested in arranging an SGM, ensure to check our deselection page and get in touch with us. We’ll then help you to build your network to ensure you get enough signatures.Time is of the essence. In 11 days’ time, Mrs May’s deal will be put to Parliament a second time. It will most likely fail, paving the way for yet more delays. The time to strike is now. Please support our campaign.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team