EKRE OK! Media Bigot Snarls, As Estonian Patriots Surge!

Up early this Jakarta morn, to see how the Estonian patriot party, EKRE is doing in yesterday’s election.

We talked about EKRE last year…

Estonian Patriots, Rising And Shining! 

…noting that the increasingly notorious globalists of the European Council on Foreign Relations were in a tizzy about the challenge the party represented to the local lackeys of the anti-democratic EUSSR.




The ECFR were aghast that EKREdefends conservative family values against liberals who allegedly “promote a homosexual agenda in society and schools”; stokes fear of migration, which it portrays as a threat to national identity and culture; and attacks the European Union as the embodiment of liberal values.


That sounds like just what Estonia, and every other country in Europe needs to hear!,
And that admirable message seems to have resonated – they’re doing well!

Following the live blog -and the bigoted leftist who runs it is as sick as a pig about how well EKRE is doing..


Sten Hankowitz, deputy editor in chief of Estonian World, is calling EKRE’s success a ‘nightmare!’ http://estonianworld.com/life/live-blog-estonian-world-brings-you-estonian-election-results/

…it looks like the good guys are doubling their previous total vote, now around or above 17%, at least some of that increase likely due to the arrogance of the political in-crowd.

ALL the other parties have declared that no matter the electoral outcome, they’ll not work with the anti-Brussels Empire EKRE.

Such contempt for democracy is bound to have energised EKRE supporters and  win over more than a few voters who have not previously voted that way.

Estonians, like the rest of us, have little time for elitist uppities.