Elitism – Gushing Guardian Girl Lauds Canada’s Almost Flushed Turd!

The political scandal engulfing the Canadian prime minister has outed him as not quite the hero we all believed he was…

Justin Trudeau’s disgrace is like watching a unicorn get run over




The idea has often occurred to me that one of the key mental issues afflicting liberals is that they don’t get out and about very much.

Sure, they go to work  – in the Guardian office, perhaps, and to parties (probably not proper drinking / singing /dancing parties    – more the sort of twee ‘dinner-parties’ one sees on tv or films, where mincing twits sit around a table sipping at wine, nibbling muesli…




…and gabbling pretentious stuff on which they all agree -otherwise they’d not have been invited – ) …


….but they never get to – or choose to – meet real people with opinions outside the pink – or rainbow – bubble.

And that ‘ALL’ as used in a gushing Guardian piece by some silly little girl named Leah McLaren…

Image result for leah mclaren

…whom nobody I know has heard of but who does perfectly mirror the mentality of many in Canada…

…that ‘ALL’ exemplifies the ignorance of the breed that has degraded the Dominion!

She really thinks that ‘ALL’ Canadians EVER ‘believed Justin Turdo, the Soft-On-Terror Pretty Boy…

In Turdistan, Decent Muslims Protest Junior’s Jihad Jaunt! 


Kathleen Wynne truddownload

The ‘gay-friendly’ Prime Minister infamously tried to make excuses for the Boston Bombers…

Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 


…..was a ‘hero?’

Let’s play nice and assume she is intelligent enough to know that notion is arrant nonsense.

That leaves us with the alternative, that her definition of ‘ALL’ means ideological catamites, ‘intellectuals,’ leftists, ‘progressive’ pinkos…

Hasil gambar untuk turdo gay justin

– ….and don’t forget all the crimmigrants he’s let in – who idolise the degenerate drip as much as she does…




…and excludes ‘ALL’ other Canadians, who certainly number in the millions, those who recognise Turdo as a loathesome, smarmy sleaze.

What a sad girl she must be!

Read her infantile gushing over –

 ‘Canada’s undeniably gorgeous, halo-bound Liberal prime minister, Justin Trudeau – proud feminist, defender of minority rights, advocate for transparency, inclusivity and decency..’

– for yourselves but make sure there’s a vomitorium handy!